No swimming…

I was looking through my old images last night and came across a folder of scans that i never got around to editing, this little sucker was one of those hiding scans.

If you shoot or used to shoot with film/slide you might remember a few years ago Fuji was having trouble getting an crucial element used in the production of their Velvia 50. Eventually it vanished off the face of the earth leaving us with a garbage version of our once beloved velvia which is what this shot of jetty in Hervey Bay was was taken using.

Fuji G617 – Velvia 100

I am undecided on this one so your thoughts would be much appreciated…

Cheers  Darren

  1. Velvia 100 is toilet paper… yea I like this one Darren. It’s a keeper for sure.

  2. haha indeed it is… my scans are glowing with a fine magenta cast, just hooked the Imacon back up and going through some old slides which seem to all be 100 😦

  3. I like it, mate. Symmetrical and nice colours.

  4. Oh, and I added your link to my blog 🙂

  5. Cheers mate, will do the same… I guess that I will add this to the collection instead of the recycle.

  6. To remove the cast in FlexColour with the Velvia 100 dont waste your time using Color Correction I use Levels. Works a treat.

    • It sucks that the slide looks prefect until you scan the thing, ive just been dropping the midtones in the red channel in levels the use photoshop to fine tune the colour that seems to work okay for the moment.

  7. Like the compositon and pastels. Reckon that it is a keeper.
    Grear jetty, I took a photo under it a few years ago, but only on 35mm so pretty much useless now.

    • Andrew, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was looking through all my old 35mm slides the other day wishing they were shot on the 5D2 they still come come out good just can’t blow them up to big.

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