Stormy Sunset

With the state awards fast approaching I decided that it was time to go shooting for the day.  Beau Mitchell and I headed south, originally wanting to photograph the border ranges the light wasn’t right so we decided to hit the beaches for something different.  Our trip went from the Gold Coast down through the Tweed Coast to Byron Bay and finally back to the Gold Coast where this sunset shot was taken.

5D Mark 2     –     24-70mm2.8L     –     ND 3 stop      –      3 second exposure

Also my new website is in the final stages of its design and will be released on Monday 29th March.

  1. Hi Darren,

    This is a stunning shot. Great work.


    • Hey Jamie thanks for the comment. I had a great day shooting yesterday, the surf is pretty big over here so Beau and I headed down to snapper rocks for a few pics then down to a secret spot of mine 😉 then to Byron which the light wasn’t too great but when we got back home there was a crazy storm coming in so we headed down to the beach for one last shoot, quite the day.

  2. Looks real good, man. Gotta love that glowing clouds, and the reflections in the water in the foreground is sweet. I’m just going through my pics now, got a few that I can’t wait to process!

  3. Brilliant

    • MatthewSaul
    • March 18th, 2010

    awesome shot Darren!

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